About PioneeringHairGrowth Store


At Pioneering Hair Growth we focus on satisfying the needs of our customers first and foremost. We strive to maintain exceptional standards of excellence in Customer service whilst offering the best products possible at the best prices. We are constantly working towards creating the ultimate hair loss solutions. However, we dont stop there as we utitlise the power of nature for both hair loss and skin benefits too!
Our products are noticeably free of most preservatives and additives. Pioneering Hair Growth are here to improve your health and we guarantee only the finest ingredients.
Also, we are open to your ideas and suggestions and always strive to improve ourselves whilst providing you, our customers, with the best quality products available.
The store is still in its infancy with much development going on as such if you do notice any glitches or hickups do kindly let us know.  We are also working on offering our customers MoneyBookers (skrill) as a payment option! We will expand our offerings in the near future. Stay tuned.